Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Saturday 20th August

Saturday's wedding was absolutely stunning - the church was in an incredible setting, on a private estate in north Suffolk. As I drove up the incredibly long drive, I felt like I was in Pride and Prejudice! And was it not for the fact that I was in a car, and had a double action pedal harp** in the back of said car, I could have been!

Just as I was pulling past the main house on the Sotterley estate, I was greeted by a beautiful little Patterdale terrier called (as I was later to find out) Beetle. She barked to say hello and then followed me all the way round...and into the church. The church wardens knew her very well and sent her off, so she made herself comfy in the boot of my car!! Sadly no photos of her, but here are some of my harp :)

The church is the wonderful St Margarets at Sotterley. Chatting to the vicar afterwards, I found I was in good musical company as the Opera Babes had performed at the church a couple of years before me. One of them lives in the parish.. but bizarrely, the other one lived 2 doors down from my lovely ex-parents-in-law and her dad was my ex husband's scout leader, and came to my first wedding! Six degrees etc.... what a small world.

Anyway. A beautiful and very personal service, and congratulations to the bride and groom, who were set up on a blind date by the mother of the bride. Cue lots of "Mother knows best" comments from the vicar :)

** NB harpists and other harp enthusiasts will of course know that the double action pedal harp arrived much later than the P&P era!

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