Thursday, 10 November 2011

The return of some musical mojo....

I switched my work laptop off at 5.15 today which is unheard of. I have been distracted by a horrendous lurgy for most of the day so have really been battling to concentrate on all my number crunching activities. So I gave in, having decided I wasn't kidding anyone.

I normally leave for Brownies at 5.45 so I had half an hour with nothing to do. 5 til 6pm is one of my most productive times of the day, so I often do some housework if I am free at this time. Today I looked at all the piles of paperwork to sort and decided to do something else.

Instead, I sat at my harp and began to play. I didn't warm up, just began gently and eased into it. I had a fantastic time - wobbled my way through a lightly jazzy arrangement of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (My 2nd favourite Christmas song to play), then through a beautiful arrangement of a traditional Irish piece that makes my heart fold in on itself - the Limerick Lamentation.

Next I started on some chords for a song I am working on with my wonderful singer friend Frankie - Liza Minnelli's version of Use Me. Oh my, it was FUN. I adored the song when Frankie played it to me the other week, and I can hear in my head how I want it to be on the harp.

I had forgotten how much I enjoy my harp at times - sometimes it really is a soul-destroying battle of Have To vs. Want To.

But today it was good. I think it was inspired by a fantastic night out with some really wonderful friends last night (which probably brought on the lurgy a bit earlier than it would have come otherwise) - lots of chat and catching up, and some good music at an open mic night in town.

It was alcohol free for a variety of reasons (mainly because I was driving and utterly skint!), and this provoked some lively discussion as Frankie is currently on a mission to spend a year with no alcohol. Her adventures can be found here...

Best of all it looks like we have a gig coming up in January - nothing makes me work like a deadline so this has come at the perfect time!

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