Thursday, 29 December 2011

In betweeny

It's that bizarre time of the year, where Christmas has been and gone in a flash, but the New Year is not quite here.

I always go a little doolally (sp?) around the New Year - thinking back over the previous year and plotting and looking forward to a whole new fresh start.

People may think I am a hermit, but since a very difficult Christmas period in 2006 (which actually ended up being one of my favourites), my favourite way to spend New Year's Eve is tucked up in my pyjamas and dressing gown, with a liberal supply of gin and Baileys (not together), and not forgetting Jools Holland. I absolutely love the eclectic mix of music that the Hootenanay always provides, and for me it is now a real tradition.

This year, I may be working - a possible harp gig in a restaurant (yet to find out, but hoping not, although the money would be very much appreciated). But I should be back in time to watch the chap with the clock for a face dancing round the studio and Jools and his guests getting more and more tipsy.

The dogs are settling in well. I had my first rehearsal in ages with my wonderful Matchbox friends - things were less rusty than I had feared, and I am looking forward to our gig in January.

I have been in the office today, and it was very quiet - again that strange time when all your work gets done at 3 times the normal speed because there are no interruptions. Inevitably it becomes time to tidy up all the loose ends you've been ignoring (and me being me, there are many of those!) but a great time to clear the decks for all those promises we make to ourselves each January.

I have just 2 New Year's resolutions this year

  • If I am lied to or misled, I will be angry at the person bending the truth, not myself for believing what they said to me
  • I will NOT let my friends down at the last minute if we have made plans just because I have cold feet
My year has been very mixed. Emotionally disastrous. Musically possibly the most successful year I have ever had. 

I said goodbye to a much loved Granny and tried to support my parents through this as best I could (some very deep-seated emotional issues involved for them). I said goodbye to a much loved pet - and with him went the last thing I shared with my ex husband. I realised my ex fiance would never, ever change and I would never get to wear the wedding dress (and FABULOUS shoes!) I had bought for the wedding we had planned and cancelled, but which I had hoped would still happen when we had worked things out.

Many many wonderful things happened though, and I look forward to many many MANY more in 2012.

In the mean time here is a picture of one of my new dogs, in the midst of chaos. I love it because there is a shiny black greyhound and a shiny black harp just hiding in the background.

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  1. I love your new year resolutions. They are so simple but hold so much promise. I have decided to be a yes person this year. When somebody asks me to do something and my initial reaction is no...... I will say yes and see where it takes me. Thanks for helping me to put that which was in my head into words and so to print.
    If you do get to do the gig I really hope that you make it home in time for Jools.