Monday, 23 January 2012

A happy harpist again :)

A day late, but here goes. Saturday night was brilliant, it wasn't without stressful bits but I really, really enjoyed it and felt I played well.

All my solo bits went down well and I had some lovely compliments. I had chosen 3 very different pieces, only one really sat with the kind of music we were playing together, but it felt good to be offering something a little off piste! The harp is still something of a curiosity so often you don't have to do a lot to create a stir - this can lead to its own dramas at times and sap your soul a bit but overall sometimes it's nice to know you can play something relatively simple and if executed well, it will make lots of people very happy.

Saturday morning when I wrote my last post, I was ready to sell all my harps and trade them in for a new Panigale, but after a good gig and 2 fab harp lessons with 2 of my wonderful pupils yesterday, I am back in the room and feeling good about the harp again. My local bike dealer has been placed under instruction not to let me put down any deposits (they just laughed!) and now that I have my beautiful dogs, I can't really be skipping off into the distance never to return!

Painting proved to be the perfect distraction - something requiring complete focus on the job in hand, and   giving a sense of practical satisfaction as another thing is ticked off the endless list. I will remember this for the next time I am crippled by nerves. My house always has something that needs doing so I will never be short of similarly absorbing to-dos....

So what's next? I am playing at a lunchtime concert on Wednesday (I'm part of the programme, not the main event) and having given my 3 pieces a good airing on Saturday, I am now looking forward to playing. I managed some good practice tonight, the pressure seems to have gone a bit and I have been able to enjoy some time with the harp. One of my dogs decided to help too, by nicking off with one of the straps from my harp trolley....maybe I can teach him to pack it all up for me (if only!)

After Wednesday's concert, it will be time to make a plan for the year, with some musical targets and ambitions. My 2 partners in crime from Saturday will be off to pastures new later this year, so I need to make the most of them while they are still local, and make an effort to find some new people to play with.

Back Wednesday with an update.... and hopefully some more pictures when I have found my camera lead!

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