Sunday, 8 April 2012

Being a Daily Musician?

Because of the rapidly approaching audition, and the impending return to my day job (I go back on Tuesday after a week off), I have been thinking hard about my status as a musician.

It's not my main profession, and I'm not sure I would describe it as my passion. Currently it's something I love doing when I'm not bogged down in the logistics (travelling/scheduling/admin/loading) element of playing a bulky and rare instrument.

I adore the performing aspect, and when I am really in the zone for playing, or the flow, or whatever people prefer to call it, there are few things like it.

I am having a bit of a sofa day today, and have just read the following article: Blur's gig after the Olympics to be their last?

In the days where it was Blur v Oasis, I always came down on the side of Blur although I wouldn't describe myself as a huge fan.

What I found fascinating was Damon Albarn's description of Graham Coxon as a Daily Musician.

I don't know exactly what he meant by this, but I took this to mean someone who plays/listens to music every day, is involved in new music and their whole life is defined by their art.

I'm nowhere near that at the moment. I listen to music in the car but only as a background to my commute. I don't have the energy to seek out new bands to see what's exciting. I'm just working out what my own influences are and where I want to go with my music.

I do know that I love playing live though, preferably with others.

The guys I play with (well, guy and girl!) at the moment are on the move and so I need to get out there and find some others. I went to a great gig on Friday night which really inspired me - in a pub in town that has a great reputation for music and is a brilliant place for connecting with other musicians. Looks like I need to get back in the habit of going regularly!

I think I'll aspire to being a Daily Musician.... certainly given me some food for thought.

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