Monday, 30 April 2012

Mountains to move

So.... I got in! I haven't formally accepted yet but the decision is made and I have started the battle plan. In 5 months time I will be getting ready to start my 2nd week at the RCS.

If I think about things too hard, it all becomes rather overwhelming, and so I am trying to concentrate my energy on concrete things that need doing and sorting out - my house needs finishing off and putting up for sale, and I need to find somewhere to live north of the border. I've found this year that throwing myself into something distracting is a good way of combating any nerves!

In the mean time, I have a birthday gig for my harp buddy coming up this Friday, a pupils' concert later in May, and a faintly Jubilee themed recital in June.

My practice is becoming more and more focussed and I am loving the feeling of general satisfaction and productivity that is coming as a result. It's been a long time coming.

I've reduced the number of weddings I'm taking on this year, and boy was that a good idea in terms of overall workload and things to pack into my weeks. However the last one that I did was wonderful - beautiful surroundings, friendly guests and helpful venue staff. Best of all the bride wore an incredible and  very unique frock - and as a closet fashionista, I have to confess that a huge part of the excitement for me is seeing what the bride is going to wear!

Last Friday morning, I was thrilled to receive a really beautifully written thank you note for playing at a castle wedding in March. This was much appreciated as while the venue is stunning and the acoustics incredible, the logistics of getting the harp up to the ceremony room are not pleasant.

Overall, many small shifts are occurring - and I was really pleased to notice last week that I had a whole practice session where I felt physically relaxed while playing.

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